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ITIL v3 IT Service Management Roles and Responsibilities Toolkit, Second Edition 1111113

ITIL v3 IT Service Management Roles and Responsibilities Toolkit, Second Edition 1111113

Screenshots of ITIL v3 IT Service Management Roles and Responsibilities Toolkit, Second Edition

ITIL v3 IT Service Management Roles and Responsibilities Toolkit, Second Edition Publisher's Description

The IT Service Management Processes and Activities Roles and Responsibilities Job Description Toolkit: All the ITIL Tasks, Functions and Job Descriptions Explained, Detailed and Ready to Use

Complete Toolkit of IT service Management and ITIL V3 Roles and Responsibilities. How does your organization match IT roles to ITIL roles?

Many of our clients asked us for help in ITIL v3 role and responsibility descriptions, here is the utterly excellent guide to roles and responsibilities in ITIL v3.

If you have ever worked in, been a partner or managed an IT organization, this toolkit will not only answer a lot of your troubling questions, it will also explain matters that you did not know the questions to - just the obnoxious frustration of something that was not working.

It is with incredible ease, yet depth and understanding that this toolkit ploughs through the important issues that concerns not only HR managers and CIOs, but anyone who wants to climb up the ladder.

It explains how you got to balance your IT staff (process managers and specialists) and why it is so vitally important to mix people on the right combination of processes and projects (brains, grey hair and procedure projects) as this builds up the organization's human capital, and provides the means and profitability to continue to align with business objectives and grow.

The kit is divided into six parts : CSI, Service Design, Service Operation, Service Strategy, Service Transition and ISO/IEC 20000. All in all it comprises of 76 documents. Key points:

  • Many organizations are looking to implement the ITIL processes as a way to improve the structure and quality of the business.
  • The information found within the toolkit is based on the ITIL Version 3 framework, focusing on the five phases of the ITIL Service Lifecycle.
  • The toolkit is designed to answer a lot of the questions about the roles and responsibilities of various process owners, as well as other parties involved in the Service Lifecycle, and provide you with useful guides and user-friendly templates.
  • There is also additional information that will enable you to improve your current staffing policies and procedures.
  • The Toolkit serves to act as a starting point. It will give you a clear path to travel. It is designed to be a valuable source of information and activity.
There are a total of 76 documents in this toolkit:

They are broken up in to two main folders that contain information on specific areas, such as role descriptions, RACI templates etc. There are a variety of document styles found within this toolkit such as PowerPoint presentations (2), Word Documents (61) and Excel documents (5). Folder 1: ITIL Service Lifecycle Roles & Responsibilities Within each of the five Lifecycle phase folders, there are a number of documents that outline the roles and responsibilities involved in each of the processes, found within their specific phase. In addition, there are Excel RACI templates, which you can use to map the roles and responsibilities of staff, within your organization, to the specific activities that need to be carried out in each process. Below is an itemized list of these documents. You can use these documents and resources within your own organization or as a template to help you in prepare your own bespoke documentation. Service Strategy:
  1. Demand and Capacity Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Demand & Capacity Manager
  3. Financial Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  4. Financial Manager
  5. Product Manager
  6. Service Portfolio Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  7. RACI Documentation - SS
Service Design:
  1. Organizing for Service Design ? Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Availability Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  3. Availability Manager
  4. Demand and Capacity Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  5. Demand & Capacity Manager
  6. ITSCM ? Roles & Responsibilities
  7. ITSCM Process Manager
  8. Security Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  9. Security Manager
  10. Service Catalogue Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  11. Service Catalogue Manager
  12. Service Level Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  13. Service Level Manager
  14. Supplier Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  15. Supplier Manager
  16. RACI Documentation SD
Service Transition:
  1. Organizing of Service Transition
  2. Service Transition ? Managing Communications and Commitment
  3. Service Transition ? RACI Example for Managing Change
  4. Service Transition ? Roles & Responsibilities
  5. Build and Test Environment ? Roles & Responsibilities
  6. Service Validation and Testing ? Roles & Responsibilities
  7. Change Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  8. Change Manager
  9. CMDB ? Roles & Responsibilities
  10. Service Asset & Configuration Managers
  11. Knowledge Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  12. Knowledge Manager
  13. Planning and Support ? Roles & Responsibilities
  14. Planning & Support Team
  15. Release & Deployment ? Roles & Responsibilities
  16. Release & Deployment Manager
  17. RACI Documentation - ST
Service Operation:
  1. Event, Access and Request Fulfillment Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Event, Access, Request Fulfilment Team
  3. Incident Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  4. Incident Manager
  5. Problem Management ? Roles & Responsibilities
  6. Problem Manager
  7. Service Desk ? Roles & Responsibilities
  8. Service Desk
  9. Service Operation Functions ? Roles & Responsibilities
  10. Sourcing ? Roles & Responsibilities
  11. RACI Documentation - SO
Continual Service Improvement:
  1. CSI ? Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Organizing for Service Design ? Roles & Responsibilities
  3. SLM Process Manager
  4. RACI Documentation - CSI
Folder 2: Recruitment Training & Development This folder is packed full of resources which help and guide you through creating/ implementing/ improving policies within your organization. Starting in the recruitment stages for internal and external applications, advice on interviewing, grading and selection policies, and moving on to the monioring, identification and recording of development needs for your staff. Finally, assessment and analysis of your organization`s behavior and leadership, and guide for managing change - with helpful checklists, assessments and templates - for specific areas in your organization, such as virtual teams. There are two PowerPoint presentations in this folder. Presentations can be used to educate, as the basis for management presentations, or when making business cases for implementation. Folder 2 Documents:
  1. Topgrading
  2. Internal Job Application for Job
  3. Job Candidate Evaluation
  4. Example - Performance Management-P D Plan Format
  5. Performance Management Process Checklist
  6. Performance Improvement Plan
  7. 360 Degree Feedback
  8. Motivation
  9. Develop your leadership skills
  10. Presentation - Managing Change
  11. Managing Change Effectively
  12. Mapping Responsibilities
  13. Presentation - Organizational Behaviour and Leadership
  14. Organizational Behaviour Survey

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